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NANK-Center in Kolding? Kolding approaching like-wise NANK


The need for trying something new is increasing in the Baltic Sea Region . . . Are Centers for New Work.New Culture the right answer?

From the beginning of 2009, the gap between the youth and the total unemployment rates has increased, so that at the end of 2012 the youth unemployment rate was 2.6 times the total rate

  • Growth and entrepreneurship is slow . . .
  • The self-sustainable society is under pressure . . .

"Kolding - We design life," says Kolding Municipality's vision for the period 2012-2022.

"Together we design opportunities for a better life through entrepreneurship, social development and education. Passion for exploring and applying design makes Kolding known abroad as the European design city where entrepreneurship, social development and education in interaction forms a proud growth municipality.

Kolding as model for entrepreneurs and sustainable growth companies attract investors. We develop knowledge based on the design. Kolding is an attractive place to live, and many are resourceful entrepreneurs in Kolding innovative businesses and social projects. "



  • How to develop regional and local strategies for social economy enterprises which will promote social innovation and economic growth.
  • How to provide relevant business support, learning and development activities for social economy enterprises and social entrepreneurs.
  • How to create local micro-finance and venture capital specifically focused on social economy enterprises.


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  • Global Knowledge-Hub 24/7
  • Open Innovation og Protovation
  • Cultivating innovation competences
  • Youngsters and oldtimers …
  • Social and business …


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