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Social Economy Support Centres /Osrodki Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej “OWES”



Social Economy  Support Centres  (Osrodki Wsparcia Ekonomii  Społecznej “OWES”) in  Szczecin area  are run by the Aktywa Plus Emilia Kowalska in cooperation with the Polish Economic Society Voivodeship Division in Szczecin, the Social Aid Center in Gryfice and the district labour office in Kamień Pomorski. The project “Social Economy  Support Centers ” is carried out within the framework  of the Human Capital Program, priority  VII  “Promotion  of   social  integration”,  Measure  7.2  “Counteracting exclusion and  strengthening the  social economy  sector”,  sub-measure 7.2 “ support  to  social economy” in zachodniopomorskie voivodenship,  Szczecin area, from November 1st  2012 to February 28th  2015.


Description of the Initiative (history and present situation)

In response to the reported needs of social economy sector in zachodniopomorskie voivodenship, the first project for the benefit of social economy was completed in 2009 by the Aktywa Plus Emilia Kowalska and was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The second project “Social Economy Support Center ”, which was  also co-financed by the European Union funds, was completed in three districts of zachodniopomorskie voivodenship between 2010 and 2012.

The project “ Social Economy  Support Centers ”, which is  being carried out currently in  Szczecin area,  is a continuation of the former activities. The objective of this project is to provide complex support and to increase the potential of the social economy sector. Moreover, it aims to extend the range of activities of the social economy entities in districts included to the project. We provide support to the social economy entities, as well as to people interested in forming, running and working in such entities, to labour market institutions, institutions of social aid and integration and local administration entities  from  Szczecin, Swinoujscie and gryficki, kamieński, goleniowski and policki  district. In each of the before ones mentioned, we established local centers, providing daily services for those interested in working in the social economy sector.


Future and Perspectives

Extensive support, which increases the potential of the social economy sector and broadens the range of social economy entities activities, is carried out through:

  1. Courses and trainings
    • social economy manager
    • brand and public relations in social economy entities
    • sources and methods of acquiring funds for activity of social economy entities
    • social economy accountant
    • factual and financial reporting in social economy entities
    • business in social economy entities
    • management of social economy entities
    • local cooperation for the benefit of social economy entities
    • formation of social economy entities (trainings for natural persons)



  1. Advisory and specialised services, including
  • formation and activities of social economy entities (for natural persons)
  • advisory on social economy entities activities and business advisory in regard to acquiring external funds, especially preferential loans for development, granted within measure 1.4 of the “Human Capital Program”
  • legal, marketing and accounting services, support and supervision of co-operations


  1. Promotion and popularization of the idea of social economy and social economy sector employment through:
    • informational campaign
    • websites creation and management, free-of-charge for social economy entities
    • studio visits
    • promotion of good practices
    • local debates and student debates, conferences
    • preparation and publication of social economy related publications


The project is supportive to people with disabilities and people who raise children.


Facts and Figures


  • 695 people who will have received support from the Social Economy Support Centers
  • 150 social economy entities which will have received support from the “Social Economy Support Centers”
  • 15 newly formed social economy entities, as a result of the project “ Social Economy  Support Centers”
  • 17 workplaces as result of the project “Social Economy  Support Centers”
  • 50 training groups, where participants will have been further qualified
  • 4 newly formed social cooperatives





Osrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii  Społecznej w  Szczecinie ( Social Economy  Support Center) run by  Aktywa  Plus Emilia Kowalska

Cukrowa 8 Street, floor II, room 220 (university buildings) Szczecin

Tel   48 91 444 31 63

Fax   48 91 444 34 06



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